Sunday, 29 July 2012

Exerise safely

Hey everyone,it's Zhiwei again ! Today i am not going to teach or introduce any new sports like what i did in my other posts. After saying that,many people would be wondering what will i be posting if it is not about teaching or introducing new sports.Now,I am going to tell you all what am i going to share , i am going to share how to exercise safely.

First before we exercise, we need to do warm up.We need to do a 5 to 10 minutes of low-level aerobic activity , like walking to get our blood flowing,increase temperature of our muscles and we will start to breath faster. These will adjust your body to meet the demand of pacing when exercising.

After warm up , Stretching. Stretching ensure that you get the most benefits when exercising and also you stay flexible. When stretching, perform each stretch slowly and hold in position like 30sec, make sure that you feel ease when stretching else you are pushing too hard. Below is a video that teaches how to do stretching before exercising.

Next is to have the right gear to protect us from getting injured and also make sure we feel comfort when exercising.For example, when playing basketball, remember to wear a basketball shoe and not play using bare foot.Also wear clothes that enable you to move freely and light so that your body will able to lose heat easily

Next, is to ensure that you drink enough water when exercising , as when you are sweating the fluid from your body are lose so we need to drink enough water to replace the fluid lost through sweat. Make sure that you have a quick sip of water every 15 to 20 minutes to keep your body hydrated.My recommendation of drink will be 100 plus , mineral water will be good too !

After exercising,remember to do cool down by slowing down the pace of your exercise to allow your heart rate and breathing to return to normal.

Lastly,take note of your body language.It is normal to feel sore after long hours of exercise but if you feel pain during exercise, stop exercising and take a rest for 2 to 3 days.


Thursday, 26 July 2012


Hi readers! Jonathan writing to you again. Today i going to talk about taekwondo. The benefits of it, the equipment needed for it, the belt color systems and the different types of kicks and self-defense techniques.

It is a Korean martial art. Taekwondo is the combination of combat techniques like stances, hand attacks and kicks, and self-defence like blocking and defending yourself.
Benefits to taekwondo
Learn self-defence to protect oneself
Able to make new friends through Taekwondo training
Improve your agility, balance and flexibility
Develop respect and responsibility
Enhance your endurance
A great workout for you to learn the various types of kicks, punches and combat technique to improve your fighting skills
Improve in coordination
Improve your physical fitness
Improve your mind mentally and your overall muscular strength
A sport for people to relieve stress and relax themselves.
Train your accuracy
Ability to focus


Taekwondo Uniform (Consists of the upper and lower body)
Body protectors (Protect the body)
Arm guards (Guard your arm area)
Shin guards (Guard your knee area)
Helmets (Protect your head and face)
Groin protectors (Protect the crotch area of the body)
Mouth guards (Protect your mouth)
Target pads (Training pads to let you practice your kicks and punches)

Example here:

Order from the lowest to the highest rank
White Belt (10th kup)
White (Yellow tag) Belt (9th kup)
Yellow Belt (8th kup)
Yellow (Green tag) Belt (7th kup)
Green Belt (6th kup)
Green (Blue tag) Belt (5th kup)
Blue Belt (4th kup)
Blue (Red tag) Belt (3nd kup)
Red Belt (2nd kup)
Red (Black tag) Belt (1st kup)
Black Belt (Novice – 1st,2nd,3rd Degree)
Black Belt (International Instructor – 4th,5th,6th Degree)
Black Belt (Master – 7th, 8th Degree)
Black Belt (Grand Master– 9th  Degree)

Overview of the belt color

How do you advance to the next color belt or promotion?
You can have to complete promotions that demonstrate various aspects of art in front of a panel of judges. This is referred to as patterns. If you successfully demonstrate the movements and fulfill the judge's requirements, you can promote to the next level. When you reached the green belt level and so on, you are required to spar which means you have to fight with an opponents and demonstrate the required kicks and the proper sparring way. 

The game of taekwondo in competition

How is scoring done?
1 point is awarded for punches on the head or to the body
2 points is awarded for kicks on the body
3 points is awarded for kicks on the head

Different of kicking techniques in taekwondo

Self-defense techniques


A taekwondo demonstration act i would like to share with you.


Wednesday, 25 July 2012


Hi readers, Jonathan here again. Today I am going to talk about a new sport now which is fencing. The reason why I sharing this new sport is mainly due to the fact, people nowadays in this society has little knowledge about it. Or they may have seen it but they do not know fully know the game, rules and regulations, the safety equipment needed and the blade.

Safety equipment

A long-sleeved white jacket
A tight fit and padded in the chest area mainly protect the body with a high collar to protect the neck area.

A glove
This is worn within your hand which holds the weapon to protect your hand.

A mask
This mask can protect the head and face. It has a padded bib which covers the neck.

Breeches or knickers
A pair of short trousers that are worn within above the calf area or within the ankle length as long it can shield and protect you from the weapon to prevent injuries.

Shoes and socks
A pair shoes with flat soles and socks up to the thigh level and knee level that matches and fits your needs.

Chest protect for women
This is worn for women inside the jacket to protect the chest area.

Complete set:

Benefits of fencing
- Fitness
- Physical ability
- Work your mind
- Better decision making
- Discipline
- Confidence
- Agility
- Speed
- Good Coordination
- Accuracy  

Fencing consists of three weapons which are Foil, Epee and Sabre.

Foil – A point weapon that about 88.9cm long and weighs less than 1lb. It is a closed circuit that opens when a touch is landed order to score a point, you have to use your weapon to target the area covered by the jacket, not but the areas that covers the arms and head. Any touch outside that area is an invalid point and no points will be rewarded. But when both fencers hit each other the same time, only the referee uses the rules of right of way to determine which fencer will be rewarded the point and none gets the point.

Epee – It is similar to a foil, a point weapon but it has a stiffer blade to it. It has a bell guard and is weighed about 1.75lb. For epee, there is an open circuit set up by the system. Why is it so? It is because in epee, you can gain a point by touching any parts of the body unlike foil which includes the area covered by the jacket, the arms areas, hand and legs area. Epee allows simultaneous hits by both of the fencers. Why does this means? It means when both fencers hit each other at the same time, both points will be awarded to both fencers.  There is no right of ways rules in this.

Sabre – It is similar to foil in terms of length and weight and it is a closed circuit. It is a cutting weapon and points can be gained provided you score at the edges and sides of the blade. The game of Sabre targets the area above the waist including the wrists and the back of the head except the hands. Similar to foil, when both fencers hit each other the same time, only the referee uses the rules of right of way to determine which fencer will be rewarded the point or none gets the point.

Actually there isn't much fencing i can talk about. Aside from all of this, 
A complete set of properly worn fencing equipment
Weapon must be held on only one hand.
Penalties. Yellow represents a warning. Red represents a point awarded to the opponent. Black represents exclusion from the competition. 
Point will be given to the fencer who scores the touch first, depending if it is saber or foil or epee.

That's all i had to say. Thank you for your time in reading. Tata. :)


Tennis Backhand

Hey guys! Today I am going to to teach you the other METHOD of how to playing tennis! So this second method is effective when you cannot use the forehand and you do not have time to use the forehand. So, this METHOD is called the BACKHAND.

Backhand is useful when you cannot use the right arm(if you are a right hander) to whack the ball so you use the left hand to whack the ball so its called backhand.

So this picture above illustrates you how to use the backhand to whack the ball. So, you prepare by raising your racquet above your shoulder level. So that you can have a big force to whack the ball and to hit the desired destinations that you want to hit.

The SECONDphase is to gauge where the ball will reach . So that you will prepare to whack the ball at a more accuracy pace.

The THIRD phase is to HIT THE BALL! This is the moment of truth when you have done phase ONE and phase TWO.


Advanced Techniques for Table Tennis

After posting about the fundamentals of table tennis, now i'm going to teach you guys the advance technique when playing table tennis. First, the spinning technique

1. Topspin To do a Topspin is by starting your stroke below and or behind the ball and brushing the ball in an upward and forward motion.

2. Backspin
To do a Backspin is by starting your stroke above and/or behind the ball and brushing the ball in a downward and forward motion.

3. Sidespin
To do a Sidespin is by brushing the ball in a sideways motion. You will impart different sidespin depending on the direction of your bat either left or right.

Next it is the loop shot.There are two types of loop shot, one is the forehand loop and the other is the backhand loop. Loop shot is normally use by world class players to play aggressively and reduces the chance of letting your opponent to attack.
Loop shot can aid in creating a heavy topspin with combination with wrist action,body movements and attacking rubbers.The following video that i will be sharing teaches how to do a loop shot .

Backhand Loop

Forehand Loop

Finally is the Chop shots.There are two types of chop shot , one is the forehand chop and the other is the backhand chop.Chop shots are normally use to defend players who are super aggressive.It require the player to use the elbow and wrist joints of your playing arm to produce most spin and then push strongly with your legs to accentuate your body movement.The following video below will show how to do a backhand chop and forehand chop.
Forehand chop

Backhand chop

Here i will show you a video of a world class player doing chop shot nicely and effectively.Take note of the chop shot use by the pair in pink , wonderful play and perfect footwork from them.

That is all for today, Hope you guys achieve something after reading my post.If you anything you can leave a comment on the chatbox or comment on our Facebook page. Bye!


Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Be like Spiderman?

Hey It's Aden here and i've got something that might interest you skinny guys like me out there.

I'm pretty sure you guys already have watched Spiderman, one of the biggest films of the year

Taking on the role this time is Andrew Garfield, who hit the gym hard before suiting up as Spiderman.
Andrew Garfield second from the right, real skinny ain't he?

This young actor didn’t have a problem leaning out, but he did have to bulk up and gain strength. His workout was a combination of Pilates, plyometrics, and weight training to get in top shape for what’s sure to be an action-packed movie.

Look at that body
So here’s a workout based on the goals of Garfield’s training: strength, power, and size. Let’s get to it!
The New Spiderman Workout
Garfield's trainers would have extensively used Pilates and Plyometrics to get him ready with power and speed. The great thing about plyometrics is that the high-intensity training methods allow for growth in strength gains and power. Usual plyometric exercises are hops, box jumps and bounding exercises joined together in progressing patterns. These types of workouts help to limit injury and while also increasing power, speed and strength. This would be the best option for the role of a teenager Spider-Man, who's still got a lot of growing up to do.

Pilates is used to strengthen the core muscles while helping to provide spinal alignment and building lean, long muscles. Too much muscle mass would hinder Garfield's performance because the character is almost the most flexible and mobile of all super-heroes. This type of fitness routine revolves around low-impact exercises that help to establish balance and while being a stand-alone exercise methodology, or to compliment another system. Such as in Garfield's case, Plyometics re-enforced by Pilates.

Training the Plyometrics Way

Pilates Training

Andrew Garfield is not a natural fitness fanatic though. He said that his father put him off exercise at an early age, as he was a swimming coach and Andrew quickly rebelled against the whole idea of sports and fitness at a young age. However, maybe some of his fathers advice and attitude to sport and fitness did rub off on him, as he has certainly managed to transform a weedy looking person into a super-hero Spider Man!


Free Price Sports Word Search Vol. 1

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Quite Interesting Sport Facts

And you guys should be looking out for QI, hosted by Stephen Fry, it is one of the best panel shows around.

Table Tennis Fundamentals

Hey it's Zhiwei again! Today I am going share with you guys the sport, Table tennis. A table tennis match is played to best 3 of 5 games, best 4 of 7 games or best 5 of 9 games. Before we get started with table tennis , do not forget to do warmup exercises like, arm stretching,wrist rotation, ankle rotation,neck rotation and tight stretching.

A lot of beginners who had just picked up table tennis, always have the same problem which is the gripping of the bat. Without correct gripping of the table tennis bat, we will tend to injure our palm and cause blisters on our palm. So i will be sharing with you guys a video, the video will be teaching you guys the proper way to grip a table tennis bat.

After you learn how to grip a table tennis bat,the next thing that you must learn is the service.If you can't even do a proper serve , you can't even start a game. Therefore service is the first thing you must learn after you learn how to grip the table tennis bat. A service is very important because it enable you to have total control of the ball,it enable you to set up play for yourself after a good serve and also if you have a better serve you can make your opponent feel pressure when receiving the serve.The video below will teach you how to do a proper serve and the rules to take note when serving:

Next is the stroke,after our serve we need to receive the ball, if our opponent receive our serve. Strokes of table tennis is very important because it determines where the ball go, whether the ball spin to the right or left and whether the speed of the ball is fast or slow. If we master all these strokes, we can start to play a proper table tennis game. Therefore i will be sharing you with guys a video to teach on strokes of table tennis.

Once you start a proper table tennis game , you will realise that you will have difficulties moving in the court.The reason is because you have not learn the basic footwork of table tennis. Now i am going to show you all a video that teaches proper footwork of table tennis.

After you master all these footworks, you will have an easy time on the court moving and receiving shots.That is all for today,Hope you guys have benefited through my post. Bye guys !



This is Samuel and I am going to talk about something different today which is Tennis!

Tennis is a sport that you will enjoy if you know how to play it. It is quite simple as there is only 2 methods when using the racket.

First there is forehand, which is the fundamental when you are serving or you are passing the ball back to your opponents This is the preparation method where your hand is preparing to whack the ball so that you can pass it to your opponents and your right leg must be moving forward so that you can have a bigger impact to whack the ball to the other side.
So this is the preparation for the forehand position.
So after you prepare to whack the ball the next step is to swing the racket. You should swing the racket and gauge the force so that the ball will not fly off. You should also gauge when will the ball come and your leg should move across over your left leg so that you will have a sense whether you need this kind of force to hit the target point that you want to hit.


Monday, 23 July 2012

Swimming basics

Hi readers again. This is Jonathan writing to you again. Today I will turn my attention to swimming. I am going to tell you the benefits of swimming and the different types of swimming techniques.  I am also going to recommend the types of swimming attires and wear, and where you can buy those.

Swimming benefits

Builds up a person’s strength, cardiovascular fitness and endurance
Good for people who have asthma
Good for people who have back problems it enables their back to be more straighten
Can help you relax yourself without the use of your weight body
Helps you to burn calories, meaning decrease your weight and maintaining a healthy and fit body
Helps to exercise the whole body – the heart, lungs and your body and muscles.
A way for you to maintain your fitness level when you are injured
Increase your metabolism
Increase your flexibility
Boosts your immune system


A complete set of swimwear comes in different ways. It is up to your preference. It may come with a pair of goggle and swimming trunks or you may buy a swimming costume and a swimming pant. For girls, you can purchase a complete set of swimsuits at the swim wear store.

You can go to any arena outlets in Singapore or you can directly go to the arena website online ( to purchase it.


Before swimming, you have to do some warm-ups so that your body is full stretched and reduce the chances of getting cramps and preventing injuries.

You can do a little stretching on your hands, arms, shoulders, knees and the ankle of your foots.
As you can see from below:

Types of swimming techniques

 Dog paddle  - One of the most easiest stroke which involves arms underwater and using your legs to perform the flutter kick.

Breaststroke – Uses a frog style kick where you have to bend your knees and kick your legs outward beneath the water. You have to stroke your arms out from your breast area back and forth. Your body have to be straight so that it allows your body to move through the water easily.  

Butterfly – This swimming technique calls you to bring both of your arms over your head and then push frontward and down into the water to propel yourself. It uses a so called “dolphin-style kick”. Your legs have to stay straight and together when you kick them through the water. You also must keep yourself in rhythm between the underwater and the above-portions of the stroke.

Back stroke – It is similar to front crawl but you have to do it the opposite way. You have to float on your, rather than propelling your front through the water first. You have to float into the water with your head facing upwards on the surface but with the rest of the body beneath the water. Keep yourself horizontal when you move and you will soon achieve it through your leg kicking movements, propelling your body through the water.

 Freestyle – It calls you to kick hard with your feet enabling you to bring your arms over your head and into the water. You must be able to keep your body straight at all times or else it will decrease your pace down. Breathing is one of the important part of it so take note of it.

Sidestroke – Rarely used but it is still one of the swimming techniques you can learn. This technique is used for rescuing someone because it only requires only one arm while the other arm holds onto the person. You can glide in between strokes, allowing you to move easily through the water while tugging along somebody.

Overview of every stroke from left to right: Freestyle, Breast stroke, Backstroke, Butterfly

Thats all i have to say about swimming. Hope you can help you readers out. Thanks for your time in reading! :)


Wednesday, 18 July 2012

This girl is the worst person alive

This is nothing related to keeping fit but its an interesting read and i thought you might like it

 A former high school football star whose dreams of a pro career were shattered by a rape conviction burst into tears Thursday as a judge threw out the charge that sent him to prison for more than five years.
Brian Banks, now 26, pleaded no contest 10 years ago on the advice of his lawyer after a childhood friend falsely accused him of attacking her on their high school campus.
In a strange turn of events, the woman, Wanetta Gibson, friended him on Facebook when he got out of prison.
[+] EnlargeBrian Banks
AP Photo/Nick UtBrian Banks broke into tears after hearing that his rape conviction was dismissed Thursday.
In an initial meeting with him, she said she had lied; there had been no kidnap and no rape and she offered to help him clear his record, court records state.
But she refused to repeat the story to prosecutors because she feared she would have to return a $1.5 million payment from a civil suit brought by her mother against Long Beach schools. 

More can be read here.

Banks, once a star middle linebacker at Long Beach Polytechnic High School, said he had verbally agreed to attend USC on a four-year scholarship when he was arrested.
He still hopes to play professional football and has been working out regularly. His attorney Justin Brooks appealed to NFL teams to give him a chance.

The girl should let bygones be bygones, after all, he spent 6 years in prison. She literally ruined this man's life, and is 1.5 million dollars richer for it. What a terrible person.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Badminton rules and regulations

It's Zhiwei again! Today I am going to share with you all some rules and regulation of badminton. A badminton match is normally a Bo3, which mean a best of 3 games played to 21points. The service of the shuttle is awarded to the one who won the last rally. If both parties scored 20 points, the one who score a 2-point advantage first win. If both parties scored 29points, the one who scored 30 points win. The one, who won the game 1, began the serve for game 2.

Singles At the start of each game, players should begin their service on the right service court. Even number score (0,2,4,6) will be at the right service court , Odd number score(1,3,5,7) will be at left service court. Receiver should be at the correct service box before service is taken.

Doubles Like the singles, players would begin their serve on the right service court, even score will be at the right service court and odd score will be at left service court. Even number score (0,2,4,6) will be at the right service court , Odd number score(1,3,5,7) will be at left service court.
If server sides win the rally, the team wins the service and point and the server continue serving. If receiver sides win the rally, the team wins the service and point.

To decide who start the first game, a toss will be conducted and the winning side shall decide whether to either Serve or receive first or Start play on one side or the other. If no coin is available, players can hit the game shuttlecock into the air and grant choice to the side in which the shuttlecock’s head faces.

A fault is occurs if the following below is done:
Touches the net or poles with the racket, person, or dress.
Invades the opponent’s side by making contact with the shuttlecock past the plane of the net.
Invades opponent’s court under the net in such a way that an opponent is obstructed or distracted.
Let is the reserve of the shuttlecock During play, a let occurs if:
The server serves when the receiver is not ready.
The shuttlecock’s base separates from the skirt.

A rally ends if the shuttlecock:
Hits the net or post and begins to fall toward the striker’s side of the net.
Hits the surface of the court; or
A ‘fault’ or a ‘let’ has happened

I would like end this post by showing you guys a video on a long badminton rally, hope you will enjoy it ! BYEBYE :)


Monday, 16 July 2012

Basketball: Part Two

Hi people again!! Jonathan is here again! Today i going to talk about basketball once again. Today i turn my focus to the players positions in basketball. Why am i writing about this? Oh well, basically is to tell you which players positions is suitable for you when you are playing a basketball game. Some people may be tall or short and fast or slow. So its important to know your positions and roles in order to play to your fullest  potential. My main objective today is to tell people(the basketball players out there) the importance of each player positions and they the roles they have within it.

Aside from that, i going to share some tips or advice on the attire of a basketball player and why is it important to wear the proper attire. Lastly, i going to share where you can buy those sports wear.

Player positions in basketball
There are five positions consisting of a center, power forward, small forward, shooting guard and a point guard.

Example of a team in the NBA

Center – Well they are usually one of the tallest and bigger size players in the team. They are positioned near the basketball. Center’s aim is to get open for a pass or to get a decent shot near the basket or snatch for the offensive rebound when your player attempts a shot but missed. In the defensive ends, center’s job is to be the big presence in front of the basket attempting to block the opponent’s shot and passes near the basket and fight for defensive rebound when the opponents misses a shot.

Example of center in the NBA

Power forward – Another of your taller players in the team. He relies on his strength and physical toughness to play the game, fighting for defensive and offensive rebounds. Has a decent eye for basket from shot-range. Some power forward are able to shoot from long-range beyond the three point line.

Example of a power forward

Small forward – A versatile, strong and very athletic player. Always aggressive in getting into the basket like driving and cutting into the defence. Is able to have a consistent outside shot which can provide a deathly threat to opponents.

Example of a small forward

Shooting guard – An aggressive defender with the mind set of stealing the ball away. On the offensive side, he serves as the secondary ball handler and must be a sharpshooter. Must have the ability to convert shots from near or far. Also has the ability to drive to the basket to score.

Example of a shooting guard

Point guard – Primary ball handler of the team. Possesses quick athletic movements and speed. Superb passing to set up his team members for a open and dribbling is also part of his game. Has a reliable jump shot to his game. Driving to the basket is one of the many things he has the capabilities to do so.

Example of a point guard

Sports attire

Attire shirt and pants
For recreational play with friends/family
You can wear any kinds of sporting attire or normal attire as long you are comfortable with it. You can try wearing dri-fit shirts so that it can absorb your sweat and keep you cool while you were playing basketball. Wear shorts up to the knee level so that you stretch your legs wider and move more quickly with ease. Wearing the right shoes for basketball can protect the player from ankle injuries. Basketball shoes is recommended for use, otherwise wear a sport shoes that enables you to run and not hurt your shoes. Remember safely of your well-being is important so please do remember to follow what I said.

For basketball players
You are required to wear a loose fitting jersey that is sleeveless and loose fitting shorts up to the knee length. Wearing these allows a player to move fast with ease. Wearing sleeveless shirts and attire gives players the comfort with the ability to shoot and stretch fully. Lastly, wear good fitting shoes with good ankle support. Wearing a pair of basketball shoes is recommended.

Below is an example of a proper attire consisting a pair of basketball shoes or a running shoes and a dri-fit shirt and pants.

To find any sporting attire and shoes, you may want to find it at sportslink, royal sporting house and world of sports outlets in Singapore. Or you can find it at any sports brand outlets like Nike, FBT, Adidas and Reebok for example.

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Sunday, 15 July 2012

Running with the community.

Hey guys, This is the SECOND post by Samuel! Today I am going to talk about how you can improve your running . If you have any questions you are free to comment on this post. :)

So this post will tell you about how you can actually engaging the social media while you are running. Cool isn't it?

First, Join a local running club(Track & Field) or join CCAs that involves you to do running with your friends and enjoy the CCA with your friends, so that you will not get bored after running hundreds of miles! So join a CCA or you can join a club that makes you run alot and you will gain your stamina while running!

Secondly, download this application called the 'nike+ running' (Only for apple user) so that it will track the miles that you have ran. You can even challenge yourself by running faster while having the urge to run faster when you are on the 5 kilometer mark and beating the clock of your previous record. This application also tracks your speed and how fast you had ran. Finally, you can also sees whether you are running faster than most of the people that are running that is on the community as they put the total miles that average people run everyday. So this is a must-have application if you wanna be motivated to run even more!


Link below for this application:

Link for the nike website:

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Saturday, 14 July 2012


Hey! yes it's Aden and I'm writing about soccer.

Yes soccer, more commonly known as football, is a sport played between two teams of eleven players with ball. At the turn of the 21st century, the game was played by over 250 million players in over 200 countries, making it the world's most popular sport.

Let's get started shall we?

1. Know the positions, you don't need exactly 11 players to have fun. Goalie protects the net and is the only one on the field that can use their hands. Next is defense. These people defend the goal and try to help stop goals from happening. They have to be fast runners and have a good kick! They also have to be good at controlling the ball. There are usually 2 people on the sides, and 2 people in the middle, but sometimes there is only 1 person in the middle, and that would be the sweeper. Next are the mid-fielders. They play defense and offense. They're right smack-dab in the middle of their half of the field. They have to work the hardest (although everyone has to work hard too). Lastly, there is the offense. They are trying to score a goal. They have to be good at dribbling and have good ball control. They also have to be a good at scoring and have good aim. There are usually 2 centers and a right and left wing, but sometimes there is only 1 center.

2. Learn the rules of soccer. You can't touch the ball with your hands, you are offside if you are behind the defense on the other team without the ball, but if the ball is kicked passed the defenders, you can run past them without being offside. Also, no pushing or slashing or kicking or anything like that. Fair play! If you play another sport like hockey or field hockey, it is the same idea. When you make a throw in, you have to have both feet on the ground and 2 hands over your head. Those are the main rules of soccer.

3. Dribble by using both feet and hitting the ball across the field or where ever you are playing. You use the inside of 1 foot, then outside of the other. There is nothing illegal, by itself, about playing the ball while on the ground. It becomes the technical foul known as playing dangerously (“dangerous play”) only if the action unfairly takes away an opponent’s otherwise legal play of the ball (for players at the youth level, this definition is simplified even more as “playing in a manner considered to be dangerous to an opponent”). Note that even if a dangerous play infringement has been called, the referee should never verbalize it as “playing the ball on the ground,” as there is no such foul in the Laws of the Game.

4. Head the ball by hitting the ball with your head right where your hair meets your forehead. Do not use the top of your head!

5. Aim the ball with your foot by using one foot to aim where you are going to hit the ball, and use the inside of your foot to smack the ball to where you want. When shooting, you can get a better foot on the ball by using your laces, which is the top of the cleat. Passing the ball is just like that except a lighter hit. When shooting, make sure your hips are squared in the direction you wish to hit into, otherwise the ball will go in all different directions.

6. Be original and spontaneous with your playing style.
Try to make up your own tricks to keep things different each time you play soccer. Because of this, your tricks will be completely unexpected and you are more likely to play very well.

7. Follow regulations. They help to keep the players and the sport itself safe.

8. Try your best, even if you are a beginner.

Drink water when you are playing soccer, as a matter of fact, you MUST drink water no matter what sports you play, warm up to prevent any cramps! Any questions you can post your question on our Facebook page :


Friday, 13 July 2012

Badminton tips for rookie

Hey Guys! I am Zhiwei and today I'm going to share with you all about the sport, Badminton. Many people may know how to play badminton but they do not know how to play it the right way. Now I am going to give you all some advices and tips on how to play badminton efficiently and effectively. First and foremost, before starting to the hold the racket, we need to do some warm up like stretching as shown in the picture below:

Back And Forward Neck Stretch | Side to Side Neck Stretch

Overhead Shoulder Stretch | Posterior Shoulder Stretch
Side Stretch | Side Lunge Stretch

Forward Lunge Stretch | Quadriceps Stretch

Wrist Flexion | Wrist Extension

By doing warm up helps ready muscles for physical exertion, and eventually preventing injuries. Moving into an intense activity that requires a great amount of energy and power without doing warm-up can tear your muscles. Remember to do your warm ups before starting to play badminton or any other sports.
Secondly, before hitting the shuttlecock we must make sure that we know how to grip the racket. Here is a video that will teach you how to hold a racket properly without hurting yourself.

Thirdly, we will need to learn some basic footwork to help us to move smoothly in the badminton court without tripping over your own leg or losing balance and fall.

After doing all the things mention above, you can start to play badminton! However, you will need to swing the racket properly to prevent yourself from getting hit by the racket. Here is a video to guide you on how to do a proper swing with the racket.

Not to forget, you will need a racket to your preference, expensive does not mean that the racket suit you the most. You will also need a proper court shoe; my recommendation for the brand of shoe is to get a Yonex or Li Ning brand. Why do I recommend these two brands? It can last longer. It also provides good friction when moving in the badminton court and also provides comfort to your foot.


Lastly, I hope you all will like what i have just shared and find it useful to those who are trying to learn how to play badminton. Remember to drink lots of water when playing badminton, and also to do warm up exercises. If you guys have any enquires, you can post your question on our Facebook page  Enjoy sports to the fullest safety J Appreciate you guys for spending time to look through what I have written, Byebye!
Signing off, Zhiwei!