Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Tennis RULES

Hey guys this is Samuel and i am going to tell you about the rules of TENNIS :)

Rule 1
Players will stand opposite each other and opposite sides of the court. The player who serve the ball first will be called the server. The other player will be called the receiver.

Rule 2
The person who are chose to serve or receive will be determined by tossing of coin. Once the person is chosen the opponent chooses the side that he or she would want to start.

Rule 3
The server shall stand behind the baseline on the court within the boundaries of the singles court when playing singles and within the double sideline when playing doubles.
The server DO NOT serve until the receiver is ready. If the server misses his target twice, he LOSES a point.If the ball hits the net and goes in the correct service box, another serve is granted. If the server steps on the baseline before contact is made, the serve is deemed a fault.

Rule 4
The receiver is deemed ready if an attempt is made to return the server's ball. The receiver can stand where he like but he or she must let the ball bounce back in the service box. If the ball does not land in the service box,  it is deemed a fault and a second serve is given. If the ball is hit by either opponent before the ball bounces, the server wins the point.


Sunday, 29 July 2012

Exerise safely

Hey everyone,it's Zhiwei again ! Today i am not going to teach or introduce any new sports like what i did in my other posts. After saying that,many people would be wondering what will i be posting if it is not about teaching or introducing new sports.Now,I am going to tell you all what am i going to share , i am going to share how to exercise safely.

First before we exercise, we need to do warm up.We need to do a 5 to 10 minutes of low-level aerobic activity , like walking to get our blood flowing,increase temperature of our muscles and we will start to breath faster. These will adjust your body to meet the demand of pacing when exercising.

After warm up , Stretching. Stretching ensure that you get the most benefits when exercising and also you stay flexible. When stretching, perform each stretch slowly and hold in position like 30sec, make sure that you feel ease when stretching else you are pushing too hard. Below is a video that teaches how to do stretching before exercising.

Next is to have the right gear to protect us from getting injured and also make sure we feel comfort when exercising.For example, when playing basketball, remember to wear a basketball shoe and not play using bare foot.Also wear clothes that enable you to move freely and light so that your body will able to lose heat easily

Next, is to ensure that you drink enough water when exercising , as when you are sweating the fluid from your body are lose so we need to drink enough water to replace the fluid lost through sweat. Make sure that you have a quick sip of water every 15 to 20 minutes to keep your body hydrated.My recommendation of drink will be 100 plus , mineral water will be good too !

After exercising,remember to do cool down by slowing down the pace of your exercise to allow your heart rate and breathing to return to normal.

Lastly,take note of your body language.It is normal to feel sore after long hours of exercise but if you feel pain during exercise, stop exercising and take a rest for 2 to 3 days.


Thursday, 26 July 2012


Hi readers! Jonathan writing to you again. Today i going to talk about taekwondo. The benefits of it, the equipment needed for it, the belt color systems and the different types of kicks and self-defense techniques.

It is a Korean martial art. Taekwondo is the combination of combat techniques like stances, hand attacks and kicks, and self-defence like blocking and defending yourself.
Benefits to taekwondo
Learn self-defence to protect oneself
Able to make new friends through Taekwondo training
Improve your agility, balance and flexibility
Develop respect and responsibility
Enhance your endurance
A great workout for you to learn the various types of kicks, punches and combat technique to improve your fighting skills
Improve in coordination
Improve your physical fitness
Improve your mind mentally and your overall muscular strength
A sport for people to relieve stress and relax themselves.
Train your accuracy
Ability to focus


Taekwondo Uniform (Consists of the upper and lower body)
Body protectors (Protect the body)
Arm guards (Guard your arm area)
Shin guards (Guard your knee area)
Helmets (Protect your head and face)
Groin protectors (Protect the crotch area of the body)
Mouth guards (Protect your mouth)
Target pads (Training pads to let you practice your kicks and punches)

Example here:

Order from the lowest to the highest rank
White Belt (10th kup)
White (Yellow tag) Belt (9th kup)
Yellow Belt (8th kup)
Yellow (Green tag) Belt (7th kup)
Green Belt (6th kup)
Green (Blue tag) Belt (5th kup)
Blue Belt (4th kup)
Blue (Red tag) Belt (3nd kup)
Red Belt (2nd kup)
Red (Black tag) Belt (1st kup)
Black Belt (Novice – 1st,2nd,3rd Degree)
Black Belt (International Instructor – 4th,5th,6th Degree)
Black Belt (Master – 7th, 8th Degree)
Black Belt (Grand Master– 9th  Degree)

Overview of the belt color

How do you advance to the next color belt or promotion?
You can have to complete promotions that demonstrate various aspects of art in front of a panel of judges. This is referred to as patterns. If you successfully demonstrate the movements and fulfill the judge's requirements, you can promote to the next level. When you reached the green belt level and so on, you are required to spar which means you have to fight with an opponents and demonstrate the required kicks and the proper sparring way. 

The game of taekwondo in competition

How is scoring done?
1 point is awarded for punches on the head or to the body
2 points is awarded for kicks on the body
3 points is awarded for kicks on the head

Different of kicking techniques in taekwondo

Self-defense techniques


A taekwondo demonstration act i would like to share with you.


Wednesday, 25 July 2012


Hi readers, Jonathan here again. Today I am going to talk about a new sport now which is fencing. The reason why I sharing this new sport is mainly due to the fact, people nowadays in this society has little knowledge about it. Or they may have seen it but they do not know fully know the game, rules and regulations, the safety equipment needed and the blade.

Safety equipment

A long-sleeved white jacket
A tight fit and padded in the chest area mainly protect the body with a high collar to protect the neck area.

A glove
This is worn within your hand which holds the weapon to protect your hand.

A mask
This mask can protect the head and face. It has a padded bib which covers the neck.

Breeches or knickers
A pair of short trousers that are worn within above the calf area or within the ankle length as long it can shield and protect you from the weapon to prevent injuries.

Shoes and socks
A pair shoes with flat soles and socks up to the thigh level and knee level that matches and fits your needs.

Chest protect for women
This is worn for women inside the jacket to protect the chest area.

Complete set:

Benefits of fencing
- Fitness
- Physical ability
- Work your mind
- Better decision making
- Discipline
- Confidence
- Agility
- Speed
- Good Coordination
- Accuracy  

Fencing consists of three weapons which are Foil, Epee and Sabre.

Foil – A point weapon that about 88.9cm long and weighs less than 1lb. It is a closed circuit that opens when a touch is landed order to score a point, you have to use your weapon to target the area covered by the jacket, not but the areas that covers the arms and head. Any touch outside that area is an invalid point and no points will be rewarded. But when both fencers hit each other the same time, only the referee uses the rules of right of way to determine which fencer will be rewarded the point and none gets the point.

Epee – It is similar to a foil, a point weapon but it has a stiffer blade to it. It has a bell guard and is weighed about 1.75lb. For epee, there is an open circuit set up by the system. Why is it so? It is because in epee, you can gain a point by touching any parts of the body unlike foil which includes the area covered by the jacket, the arms areas, hand and legs area. Epee allows simultaneous hits by both of the fencers. Why does this means? It means when both fencers hit each other at the same time, both points will be awarded to both fencers.  There is no right of ways rules in this.

Sabre – It is similar to foil in terms of length and weight and it is a closed circuit. It is a cutting weapon and points can be gained provided you score at the edges and sides of the blade. The game of Sabre targets the area above the waist including the wrists and the back of the head except the hands. Similar to foil, when both fencers hit each other the same time, only the referee uses the rules of right of way to determine which fencer will be rewarded the point or none gets the point.

Actually there isn't much fencing i can talk about. Aside from all of this, 
A complete set of properly worn fencing equipment
Weapon must be held on only one hand.
Penalties. Yellow represents a warning. Red represents a point awarded to the opponent. Black represents exclusion from the competition. 
Point will be given to the fencer who scores the touch first, depending if it is saber or foil or epee.

That's all i had to say. Thank you for your time in reading. Tata. :)


Tennis Backhand

Hey guys! Today I am going to to teach you the other METHOD of how to playing tennis! So this second method is effective when you cannot use the forehand and you do not have time to use the forehand. So, this METHOD is called the BACKHAND.

Backhand is useful when you cannot use the right arm(if you are a right hander) to whack the ball so you use the left hand to whack the ball so its called backhand.

So this picture above illustrates you how to use the backhand to whack the ball. So, you prepare by raising your racquet above your shoulder level. So that you can have a big force to whack the ball and to hit the desired destinations that you want to hit.

The SECONDphase is to gauge where the ball will reach . So that you will prepare to whack the ball at a more accuracy pace.

The THIRD phase is to HIT THE BALL! This is the moment of truth when you have done phase ONE and phase TWO.


Advanced Techniques for Table Tennis

After posting about the fundamentals of table tennis, now i'm going to teach you guys the advance technique when playing table tennis. First, the spinning technique

1. Topspin To do a Topspin is by starting your stroke below and or behind the ball and brushing the ball in an upward and forward motion.

2. Backspin
To do a Backspin is by starting your stroke above and/or behind the ball and brushing the ball in a downward and forward motion.

3. Sidespin
To do a Sidespin is by brushing the ball in a sideways motion. You will impart different sidespin depending on the direction of your bat either left or right.

Next it is the loop shot.There are two types of loop shot, one is the forehand loop and the other is the backhand loop. Loop shot is normally use by world class players to play aggressively and reduces the chance of letting your opponent to attack.
Loop shot can aid in creating a heavy topspin with combination with wrist action,body movements and attacking rubbers.The following video that i will be sharing teaches how to do a loop shot .

Backhand Loop

Forehand Loop

Finally is the Chop shots.There are two types of chop shot , one is the forehand chop and the other is the backhand chop.Chop shots are normally use to defend players who are super aggressive.It require the player to use the elbow and wrist joints of your playing arm to produce most spin and then push strongly with your legs to accentuate your body movement.The following video below will show how to do a backhand chop and forehand chop.
Forehand chop

Backhand chop

Here i will show you a video of a world class player doing chop shot nicely and effectively.Take note of the chop shot use by the pair in pink , wonderful play and perfect footwork from them.

That is all for today, Hope you guys achieve something after reading my post.If you anything you can leave a comment on the chatbox or comment on our Facebook page. Bye!


Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Be like Spiderman?

Hey It's Aden here and i've got something that might interest you skinny guys like me out there.

I'm pretty sure you guys already have watched Spiderman, one of the biggest films of the year

Taking on the role this time is Andrew Garfield, who hit the gym hard before suiting up as Spiderman.
Andrew Garfield second from the right, real skinny ain't he?

This young actor didn’t have a problem leaning out, but he did have to bulk up and gain strength. His workout was a combination of Pilates, plyometrics, and weight training to get in top shape for what’s sure to be an action-packed movie.

Look at that body
So here’s a workout based on the goals of Garfield’s training: strength, power, and size. Let’s get to it!
The New Spiderman Workout
Garfield's trainers would have extensively used Pilates and Plyometrics to get him ready with power and speed. The great thing about plyometrics is that the high-intensity training methods allow for growth in strength gains and power. Usual plyometric exercises are hops, box jumps and bounding exercises joined together in progressing patterns. These types of workouts help to limit injury and while also increasing power, speed and strength. This would be the best option for the role of a teenager Spider-Man, who's still got a lot of growing up to do.

Pilates is used to strengthen the core muscles while helping to provide spinal alignment and building lean, long muscles. Too much muscle mass would hinder Garfield's performance because the character is almost the most flexible and mobile of all super-heroes. This type of fitness routine revolves around low-impact exercises that help to establish balance and while being a stand-alone exercise methodology, or to compliment another system. Such as in Garfield's case, Plyometics re-enforced by Pilates.

Training the Plyometrics Way

Pilates Training

Andrew Garfield is not a natural fitness fanatic though. He said that his father put him off exercise at an early age, as he was a swimming coach and Andrew quickly rebelled against the whole idea of sports and fitness at a young age. However, maybe some of his fathers advice and attitude to sport and fitness did rub off on him, as he has certainly managed to transform a weedy looking person into a super-hero Spider Man!